College Goal Colorado Survey

Thank you for participating in this College Goal Colorado event. We would appreciate your feedback on your experiences today. Your participation in this 5-10 minute survey is very important and is voluntary. All responses are confidential and anonymous and you may skip any questions you do not wish to answer.

Was the help you received from College Goal Colorado worth the effort of coming here?
Was your FAFSA...
How did you learn about College Goal Colorado?
Check all that apply
Were there enough volunteers to get you the help you needed today?
Which of the following items did you bring with you today to complete the FAFSA today?
Check all that apply
Did you accomplish what you came here for today?
You are currently enrolled in...
Are you:
Which of the following best describe your ethnicity/race?
Check all that apply
Did you receive help from a translator at College Goal Colorado?
Have you previously been enrolled at a college or university?
Do you have access to a working computer with internet to file the FAFSA outside of this event?

Scholarship Entry Form 

Scholarship Guidelines:

  1. Students must be Colorado resident undergraduates attending at least half-time during the 2016/17 year, with a valid FAFSA on file at the selected institution to qualify for the College Goal Sunday scholarship.
  2. Scholarships are not transferable and are subject to the awarding institution’s financial aid awarding policies.
  3. Drawing will be held and winners notified via email provided by 4/1/16.

Full rules are found here.

Name *
Phone *
(If applicable)
The colleges and universities listed below have donated $1,000 in scholarship that may only be used at their institution. Select the institution you hope to attend for the chance to win a scholarship to their college/university. *Several institutions have donated more than one scholarship to include multiple campus locations.