Site Coordinator Resources

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Press Releases

In an effort to keep messaging consistent you are encouraged to use the following press releases to promote College Goal Colorado. Do not forget to edit your location and city before sending the press release out.  

Press Release


Site Coordinator Timeline

Word Version of Timeline

July - August

  1. Select site for the upcoming year, review feedback and surveys to determine needs. 
  2. Confirm sites for upcoming year.
  3. Begin discussions with administrators about the CGS scholarship program. 
  4. Gather information for printing; confirm exact site locations for print. 
  5. Confirm details for printed state-level materials. 


  1. Flyers are available from State Site Coordinator for distribution 
  2. Identify target high schools in your community. Consider a visit taking some flyers.  
  3. Review Student Survey from previous year to make improvements and identify goals.
  4. Begin "soft" recruitment of volunteers
  5. Online Volunteer Form Opens
  6. Communicate with your volunteers 1-2 times this month to ensure they know what to expect. 
  7. Confirm participation in scholarship program by mid-month.
  8. Review materials needed for day-of, especially signage and paper materials.
  9. Review Cancellation and Follow-up policy.  What will you do for cancellation and follow-up? 


  1. Continue promoting CGS with high school and colleges/universities in your area. 
  2. Work with college/university marketing departments to promote CGS at your institution/statewide. 
  3. Distribute press releases as appropriate in your community. 
  4. Confirm availability of required equipment and supplies. 
  5. Determine training plan for volunteers - will depend on number of volunteers and experience. 
  6. Email your volunteers - welcome, expectations, and training.
  7. Perform a walk-through at your site to ensure you have resources (signs, staff, etc.) necessary for good flow. 
  8. Plan for over flow, early arrivals, and weather emergencies.


  1. Collect equipment and supplies.  See Equipment and Supplies List. 
  2. Keep an eye out for sign-in sheet and any other state-level materials. 
  3. Send email to volunteers telling how the day will be organized. 
  4. Hang banners if you have them, put up flyers at the site a few days ahead of time. 
  5. Last minute supplies for the site? Pens, pencils, scratch paper, markers, tape, poster board. 
  6. Thank you email to volunteers. 

Step-by-Step Presentation

Federal Student Aid has a step by step presentation of the 2018-2019 FAFSA and how to answer the questions.  

FAFSA Presentation

Expense Reimbursement

Please use the expense reimbursement form if you have CGS associated costs. 

Expense Reimbursement

FAFSA Demo Site

If you have not checked it out, it is a great way to re-familiarize yourself with the FAFSA and to see what's new for 2018-2019. Please consider sharing this link with your volunteers so they can take some time to get prepared. 

FAFSA Demo Site

ID: eddemo
Password: fafsatest

FAFSA Tool Kit